Trust your Car to the Best Mechanics in Orlando

car driving

A drive can be a relaxing event. Roll the windows all the way down, let the wind blow through your hair, and see parts of the country you have not yet seen with a full tank of gas, the world is your oyster. But car troubles slow anyone down, whether you are taking a trip or commuting to work from our apartments in Orlando. Not only are they inconvenient … [Read more...]

Sustainable Shopping: Go Green at Orlando Thrift Stores

Antique record player outside of a store front

When you are trying to live a sustainable lifestyle there are plenty of options that can help you, and plenty of things to do in Orlando that will help your community. One way to stay sustainable and green is buy shopping at thrift stores. The Salvation Army not only helps the shopper, but it also employs members of the community that need a helping hand. … [Read more...]

Florida’s Blood Centers Save Lives in Orlando

three tins full of cookies

There is a wealth of things to do in Orlando, but how many of them can say that they literally save lives? If you have given blood before, you know what a great feeling it can be to provide such a necessary resource to hospitals and patients, and if you haven't, there are opportunities to try it out right around the corner. Florida's Blood … [Read more...]

3 Places to Volunteer in Orlando


There are plenty of things to do in Orlando, but for the community-minded, nothing is quite as fulfilling as volunteering. The Orlando area is huge and offers many opportunities for volunteering no matter what you are into. Freedom Ride provides horse riding therapy for anyone aged four and older. This therapy helps people within a wide spectrum of … [Read more...]

Stock up on Books at Independent Bookstores in Orlando


On a rainy day, or a day that is just too hot and humid, I enjoy sitting in my apartments in Orlando and reading for hours on end. But where do I go when I need a new book to read? Although the library is free, I really like holding on to all of the books I have read and trying to build my own library. Some of the bigger bookstores are overpriced, and … [Read more...]