Spice Up Your Winter Meals with Great International and Vegetarian Cuisine

In Orlando, you hardly have to worry about getting the chills, even during winter. Who knows, maybe a chilly 59 is enough to get you bundled up this season. Regardless of where your cold weather threshold lies, you can dine on cuisine that brings the heat without any meat! Veggie, vegan, and organic international restaurants around Savannah at Park Central … [Read more...]

Great Veggie Restaurants in Orlando


I’d have to categorize myself as a first class carnivore. Chicken, beef, and pork are the  food groups I live by. But man and woman cannot live on meat alone, hence my interest in these local restaurants. They take the boring out of your typical leafy green salad or fruit cup. They combine dishes with natural spices and fresh produce to create … [Read more...]

Wednesday is Food Truck Night in Orlando


Starting August 31st TheDailyCity.com will be hosting a weekly food truck pod on Wednesdays evenings from 4:30pm - 9:00pm in the Dr. Phillips area. Vendors will be serving up hot, fresh dinners and desserts all in one place. You'll have plenty of cuisine options like these: The Yum Yum Cupcake Truck Big Wheel Provisions The Treehouse … [Read more...]

Organically Refreshing Orlando Brews

Orlando Brewing Taps

Can beer be organic? You bet! Orlando Brewing has some of the most refreshing brews on tap and on tour for you to experience in the Central Florida. Their beers are only made from nature’s best ingredients so no fear of mystery ale from these local brewers. The Orlando Brewing facility is “part bar, part museum” offering FREE tours at 6pm … [Read more...]

Bike To Work And For a Greener Future

Girl riding bike with blur around her./

Ring your bell if you love the environment! Your bike bell that is.  If you haven't broken out the wheels in an undetermined about of days/months/years, this is the perfect time to learn to ride again. (Apparently you never forget how to do it.) Mayer Dyer is inviting all of Orlando to the May 6 Bike to Work Day flash mob event to kick off May as National … [Read more...]