Pups on the Patio


You could use a cuddle buddy, a furry companion at home for those nights you just want to stay at home and relax with loving company. You may already have a special kitten or pup that keeps you company, but if you’re looking to add, the Humane Society of Lake County has adorable pets looking for a great home with you! Every 1st Saturday, the Humane … [Read more...]

Show Off Your Pet’s Skills And Good Looks at Pets In the Park

Dog wearing Yoda ears and costume

There's no doubt about it, your furry-faced friend is the cutest, most well-behaved pet in the whole neighborhood. Prove it during Pets in the Park on March 27. There will be three contests and categories to enter for cutest pet, best costume, and best trick. So you should starting working on teaching Precious to sit, shake, and make a cup of coffee! Overall … [Read more...]

Well I’ll be DOGgone!!

Man's Best Friend

Today is National Dog Day and if you have a furry friend you should definitely be celebrating! Savannah at Park Central knows your dog is a member of the family and since we're a pet-friendly community we want to help you celebrate! It's no surprise to me that today is National Dog Day, I know my dog definitely deserves it. He's always waiting for me to … [Read more...]