Orlando Airport Security to Be More Loose for Some Passengers

airport security

Savannah at Park Central residents, we all know how things go when we reach the airport.  First we go through check-in, followed by lugging our carry-ons around and then on to airport security.  Does it end there? Not really.  But for some, it's about to get much easier and less time-consuming to get through security at the airport. On Tuesday, the … [Read more...]

Orange County Set to Open New Homeless Shelter


Have you heard the news, Savannah at Park Central? Last month, county leaders voted 6-0 to focus on 2 properties for a new homeless resource center east of Orlando.  Negotiations are planned to start right away with one of the site's owners. $1 million in grants have already been set aside for the center, but finding a location has been difficult.  … [Read more...]