Saving Money–One Wash at a Time

Saving Money -- One Wash at a Time

Everyone loves saving money.  But, what if you could save money while doing your laundry?  Surprisingly, there are a few little tricks you can do that will conserve natural resources and put money back into your pocket. Here are a few ways your can start saving money, one wash at a time: Wash Full Loads- Small loads may save on water, but not … [Read more...]

Spice Up Your Winter Meals with Great International and Vegetarian Cuisine

In Orlando, you hardly have to worry about getting the chills, even during winter. Who knows, maybe a chilly 59 is enough to get you bundled up this season. Regardless of where your cold weather threshold lies, you can dine on cuisine that brings the heat without any meat! Veggie, vegan, and organic international restaurants around Savannah at Park Central … [Read more...]

Great Veggie Restaurants in Orlando


I’d have to categorize myself as a first class carnivore. Chicken, beef, and pork are the  food groups I live by. But man and woman cannot live on meat alone, hence my interest in these local restaurants. They take the boring out of your typical leafy green salad or fruit cup. They combine dishes with natural spices and fresh produce to create … [Read more...]

Bike To Work And For a Greener Future

Girl riding bike with blur around her./

Ring your bell if you love the environment! Your bike bell that is.  If you haven't broken out the wheels in an undetermined about of days/months/years, this is the perfect time to learn to ride again. (Apparently you never forget how to do it.) Mayer Dyer is inviting all of Orlando to the May 6 Bike to Work Day flash mob event to kick off May as National … [Read more...]

Chairs 4 Charity Turns Houses into Homes with Just a Chair.

Red Victorian style office chair.

“A chair is still a chair, even when there’s no one is sitting there.” A lovely ballad sung by many talented artists throughout the years, even though the message was a little less than comforting. The Mustard Seed of Central Florida is hoping to take the theme and turn it around to help families around Orlando turn their houses into homes with the … [Read more...]