Spice Up Your Winter Meals with Great International and Vegetarian Cuisine

In Orlando, you hardly have to worry about getting the chills, even during winter. Who knows, maybe a chilly 59 is enough to get you bundled up this season. Regardless of where your cold weather threshold lies, you can dine on cuisine that brings the heat without any meat! Veggie, vegan, and organic international restaurants around Savannah at Park Central … [Read more...]

A Passport to Great International Food in Orlando

Indian food

Spice up your autumn with a trip around the world without ever leaving Orlando! Each month, I'll feature a new local restaurant that specializes in global cuisine like Cuban, Indian, French, or wherever your passport could take you! What is your favorite international cuisine? Source: Yelp Name: Padrinos Cuban Bistro Location: 13586 S John Young Pkwy … [Read more...]

Great Veggie Restaurants in Orlando


I’d have to categorize myself as a first class carnivore. Chicken, beef, and pork are the  food groups I live by. But man and woman cannot live on meat alone, hence my interest in these local restaurants. They take the boring out of your typical leafy green salad or fruit cup. They combine dishes with natural spices and fresh produce to create … [Read more...]

Epcot Food and Wine Festival

Epcot Food and Wine Festival

Hungry for a trip around the world, but can't quite manage the time off? The Epcot Center in Orlando has a way for you to experience the best of world cultures without ever leaving town. If you haven't been to this year's Epcot Food and Wine Festival, you're missing out on a passport of delicious treats from all corners of the globe. As if you needed … [Read more...]

Cure Your Cupcake Craze in Orlando

mini cupcake

For some reason, summer is the season for dessert! I'm not complaining, I'm excited to have so many more reasons to celebrate sweet holidays like Cheesecake Day and Cupcake Day (August 18). At some point, the cupcake industry seemed to explode with many independent gourmet bakers turning their passions for bite-sized cakes into a big business. You can … [Read more...]