Catch a Concert Coming to Orlando this December

Catch a Concert Coming to Orlando this December

When colleges and universities get back in session, it usually marks the end of several things: summer, music festivals, and month-long vacations. But, it also marks the beginning of when most bands and groups start touring the country and playing in all sorts of venues that college kids love going to. These concerts are some of the best fall events … [Read more...]

Fun Date Night Ideas in Orlando

The Marriage of Figaro

A date night can be one of the best ways to find new things to do in Orlando because you never want to take a date to the same old place again and again. So you will need a quiver of ideas that are ready at the drop of a hat whenever you hear the words, "How does tomorrow night at 8 sound?" Luckily, Orlando has so many things to do on a date night that … [Read more...]

Family Fun: Cheap Things to Do in Orlando

family playing mini golf at Congo River Golf

The difference between living in Orlando and visiting is that when you are visiting, you are usually going to the more tourist oriented attractions that the city has to offer, and those can get a bit expensive. But if you live here, then there are still a plethora of cheap things to do in Orlando. The good news for both sets of folks is that there are … [Read more...]

Upcoming Concert Engagements in Orlando

concert crowd

Savannah at Park Centralputs residents in close proximity to fantastic entertainment and nightlife. Music lovers are spoiled with many choices in this city, and here are a few of the upcoming concerts to check out this summer:*Bon Iver. Indie favorite Justin Vernon and friends head to Hard Rock Live on Tuesday, June 5. The 2012 Grammy Award-winner for … [Read more...]

Top Reasons to Live at Savannah at Park Central

Amway Center

There are many benefits of living in Savannah at Park Central apartments in Orlando. The main reason why you should consider living in this region is the community that you meet and the camaraderie you will grow to appreciate here. The residents come from all corners of the country, which makes it the common thing that many people have here. You will find … [Read more...]