Cooking Classes Around Orlando

close up of a bowl of pasta

After I almost burned my apartment down during what my roommates refer to as “The Brownie Incident of ’09,” I’ve been a bit timid about getting back in the kitchen. Admittedly, my now daily consumption of milk and cereal (or when I’m feeling really non-adventurous, just the cereal) is getting a bit old, and I’ve decided to jump back on that … [Read more...]

More Than Lakes at Boardwalk Bowl

bowling stance

Boardwalk Bowl and Entertainment Center is the place to be this summer. Of course you can bowl on one of their 80 alley lanes, but the excitement doesn’t stop at just the fun you can have in bowling shoes. Boardwalk Bowl has tons to do, all within a cool, air-conditioned, family-friendly atmosphere. There is something for everyone, so grab the family, plan … [Read more...]

Orlando Blogs Give You the Around Town Scoop

girl in grass on laptop

We’re glad that you visit the Savannah at Park Centralcommunity blog to find out what’s going on around Orlando and within the apartment community. However, we can only feature so many great local events and attractions each week! We encourage you to follow The Orlando Blog, a fabulous resource to what’s happening around the city. Everyday they … [Read more...]

Plan a Dali Day-Trip to St. Petersburg


If you’ve ever been sitting at home and thought, “Today would be a great day for some thought-stirring art,” then I’ve got the day trip for you! The Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg is worth the drive down I-4 to the Tamba Bay city. Spend an afternoon pondering the meaning behind “The Persistence of Memory” or my personal favorite, “The … [Read more...]

Universal Studios Summer Concert Series


It’s going to be a jammin’ summer with tons of musical artists rocking out at Universal Studios Summer Concert Series 2011. From new-school rap to old-school rock, everyone will be able to get in to see, hear, and experience big names in music history. Check out this year’s lineup dates: June 11: Go-Go’s June 18: Nelly June 25: Third Eye … [Read more...]