Traditional Thanksgiving Meals near Savannah at Park Central

With only a week left until Thanksgiving Day, much of Orlando isn’t even worried about putting a big feast on the table this year because they won’t be cooking. No one says you cannot enjoy a great, traditional Thanksgiving meal outside of the house, especially when some of Orlando’s top restaurants are dishing out everyone’s favorites this year.

You can make a reservation for friends, family, even your Savannah at Park Central neighbors who are trying to avoid their own kitchens for this holiday. is your quick portal to top restaurants in the area opened on Thanksgiving or even serving Thanksgiving dinners.

You can also RSVP at one of these cozy cafes or nearby diners and be thankful for amazing Orlando chefs (and that you don’t have to worry about dishes afterwards!) And, of course, make sure to thank the great servers and chefs for preparing one of America’s top traditional meals for you on Thanksgiving Day!


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