Mexican Restaurants in Orlando


Grab a quick, delicious dinner in Orlando!

I love visiting all of the different restaurants in Orlando, and especially the different world cuisines when I do not feel like cooking. One of my favorite things to do in Orlando is looking for the best Mexican restaurant; I still have not found one I would call the absolute best because I have not been to all of them, but I have found some real gems.

Agave Azul is a great blend of old and modern Mexican cuisine. With an extensive bar boasting a huge selection of tequila, Agave Azul is a great place to take a date, have a lunchtime business meeting, or have them cater your next big event.

Azteca has a huge menu with a great build your own enchilada section. They have authentic coastal dishes with tons of seafood options, as well as all of your favorite dishes like fajitas, tacos, and burritos.

The Cantina at Wall Street Plaza is hosting Margarita Fest 3 and they have lots of other things to do in Orlando that will make the Cantina a great stop on your restaurant search.

What’s your favorite Mexican restaurant near Savannah at Park Central? ┬áComment and let us know!

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