5 Ways to Fight Cold and Flu Infections in Orlando

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From your office to your apartment, there are invisible agents following you just waiting to attack. No, it’s not some government conspiracy; it’s the force that wants to bring you the cold and flu this season! You can easily give them the slip with these 5 healthy tips! Get a flu shot. Start take vitamin C before you feel symptoms. Wash and … [Read more...]

Fall in Love with Events All Around Orlando in February


Source: Eventful Performer: Family Night on The Patio Every Friday at Waterford Lakes Venue: Waterford Lakes Town Center Date: 2012-02-03 Address: Alafaya Trail Orlando, FL Description: Every Friday evening, shoppers can enjoy music and games under the stars with family and friends at Waterford Lakes Town Center’s “Family Night on the … [Read more...]

Make a Reservation for One at an Orlando Diner for Solo Diner Week

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Solo Diner Week is February 1-7 and gives you the chance to be proud to proclaim "party of one!" when you go out to eat. Diner make for a particularly cozy dining experience for lunch, dinner, and breakfast any time of the day. To occupy a solo booth or bar stool means you can skip conversation (unless you are apt to talking with yourself) and enjoy your … [Read more...]

Movie Theaters near Savannah at Park Central Apartments


Plan a date to the movies this weekend with someone special. Try to catch a matinee movie and save enough money to not feel guilty about that jumbo-sizes popcorn you’re always eyeing when you walk through the lobby. Splurge a little on your next trip to a cinematic adventure at one of these local theaters near the apartments.     Universal … [Read more...]

Antique Shops in Orlando near Savannah at Park Central


Looking to make a change in your apartment but aren’t sure where to start? A local second-hand or antique furniture store can give you the inspiration you need to create a whole new look in your apartment. Splurge on a timeless china cabinet or armoire. Or, revamp a kitchen table and chairs for your dining room. However you decide to fill your apartment, … [Read more...]