Unleash Your Super Hero Identity at MegaCon in Orlando

megacon costumes spiderman and rogue

MegaCon is Feb. 17 - Feb. 19 in Orlando.

If there is one thing this blogger cannot resist it’s a good convention! Most people imagine fantasy, science fiction, and technology conventions as a hotel full of “Poindexter” fanatics or Captain Kirk wannabes. Well, there are those, but there is a lot more to experience–especially at MegaCon.

MegaCon has rocked geek culture for years and returns once again to let the mild-mannered citizens of Orlando break free of their secret identities for a weekend. From Friday, February 17 through Sunday, February 19, party, play, and hobnob with the greatest geeks in gaming, comic book, fantasy, anime, and movie media.

From special guests like Stan Lee, Brina Palencia, and Brent Spiner; to nearby 50,000 square feet of art and merchandise rooms; to the scores of talented costumes and props made by dedicated con-goes, you are sure to find your own fandoms to obsess over at MegaCon.

Tickets per day and for the entire weekend are still available online for this convention at the Orange County Convention in Orlando. Plan to enjoy the full experience of MegaCon or just people-watch for free and take in the incredible costumes and fun culture!

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