Stock up on Books at Independent Bookstores in Orlando


These Orlando bookstores are great places to while away an afternoon!

On a rainy day, or a day that is just too hot and humid, I enjoy sitting in my apartments in Orlando and reading for hours on end. But where do I go when I need a new book to read?

Although the library is free, I really like holding on to all of the books I have read and trying to build my own library. Some of the bigger bookstores are overpriced, and buying used books that are in great condition is a great way to save money, so when I need a new book or two I like to go to the great independent book stores in and around Orlando.

The Book Rack is the largest group of independently owned bookstores in America and they definitely do not feel like a chain, especially with their trade in and used book selection.

The Book Worm is where I usually end up when I leave my apartments in Orlando because of their great selection of used books. They were voted the best used book store in Orlando Weekly’s reader poll, so you know they have a loyal following and great service.

Do you have a favorite bookstore near Savannah at Park Central? Comment and let us know!

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