Dazzling Art Convention On Live Canvases

woman with blue face paint, floral headdress.

Artists from around the country show off their stunning body painting abilities at FABAIC.

Step out of the world you’re used to and enter into a new realm of colors, fantasy art at the 2011 Face and Body Art International Convention. Unlike your average art fair, this meetup of artists and models of all ages brings the exciting world of art to life, literally! Be a part of the living art scene from May 25-29 at the Double Tree Hotel in Universal Studios Orlando, Florida. There will be tons to see, beautiful walking works of art to see, instructional panels, a young artists and kids track, and a mind-blowing competition.

Body painters from across the country gather to show off their talents on some of the most intricate and expressive canvases—the human body! Get painted, learn styles and techniques, even purchase the best paints and supplies to make your own human masterpieces.

There is still time to register for all the events, including hotel prices, classes, and much more!

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