20th Annual Florida Film Festival

Florida Film Festival 2011 Cinema screen with red theater chairs.

Get your tickets for the Florida Film Festival events.

Put on your best film critic hat because the 20th annual Florida Film Festival 2011 is reeling theaters across Central Florida to bring you the cutting-edge of great cinema from April 8-17. Catch new indie movie highlights, participate in industry forums, and enjoy the nonstop celebration of native Florida films.

The Sunshine State has much more to be proud of than just it’s ability to produce skilled cinematic masterpieces. Even before the cameras were rolling in the tropical southern state, Florida has been a long time provider of good taste through their native foods. There will be many chances to clink glasses and party with the film industry big-wigs and buffs at the festival, so make sure to get a hold of your tickets soon!

Also be sure to submit your photos for the Florida Film of your Fantasies before Friday to seem them displayed on the festival website and express how you think the native beauty of Florida should be captured in the movie of your dreams.

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