Prepare An Awesome Steak in Your Gourmet Kitchen at Savannah at Park Central

Cooking steaks can be a very challenging proposition, as smaller cuts of meat can cooked too fast and become dry or tough to chew. All steaks benefit greatly from applying a little marinade sauce to help capture the flavor of summer. Once you acquire the right cooking technique on the grills of your gourmet kitchen at Savannah at Park Central, then you can eat steak every day without getting tired of the food.

Prepare the Steaks

Allow the steaks to breath at room temperature for approximately 20 minutes. Using a fork, puncture holes into the meat to allow the marinade sauce to penetrate the inside of the steak. Then, cover each steak with a clear wrap or foil and let it marinate inside a refrigerator for a least an hour before placing them on the pan.

Preheat the Pan

Prepare and preheat the grills of your gourmet kitchen to be used at a high temperature. Wait until the pan have become warm before starting to cook the steaks. You want to sear the meat and not charcoal the outside only. When placing the meat inside the pan, a sizzle should be heard to tell you the pan is hot enough for cooking.

Your Savannah at Park Central kitchen prepares you with the finest appliances available, so your culinary prowess can truly shine!

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