Interesting Tips to Keep Your Car Clean

Use these creative cleaning tips to keep your car sparkling clean.

Are you scrambling for car washing tips? There's actually a whole lot of "weird tricks" out there that will keep your car looking spotless! Check out a few of these cleaning tips to put into practice: Hair Conditioner: Use hair conditioner to give your car that gleaming new appeal! Products that contain lanolin will give your vehicle that just-waxed … [Read more...]

Dog Training Tips: How to Control Excessive Barking

Dog Training Tips: How to Control Excessive Barking

Living in a community like Savannah at Park Central with other people close by can be difficult when you have a dog that loves to bark. Take the time to learn how to control your dog's barking tendencies better with some simple pet training tips, and improve your situation in your Orlando apartment. First realize that when you correct your dog, you need … [Read more...]

3 Amenities You’ll Love at Savannah at Park Central

3 Amenities You'll Love at Savannah at Park Central

Residing in one of the homes at Savannah at Park Central means access to many fabulous amenities. Make life easier on yourself by taking advantage of the numerous amenities and features at these Orlando apartments which allow you to live and enjoy a healthier, more comfortable existence. State-of-the-Art Fitness Center: Enjoy staying fit at our … [Read more...]

How to Clean Carpet Stains the Eco-Friendly Way

How to Clean Carpet Stains the Eco-Friendly Way

The plush carpet in the bedrooms of Savannah at Park Central Apartments might feel really good against your feet when you get up in the morning, but it won’t feel as good if you accidentally spill red wine or coffee on it. Before you hop into your car to grab a chemical-laden cleaner at the store, consider trying a eco-friendly carpet cleaning method to … [Read more...]

Orlando Food Trucks You Don’t Want to Miss the Summer

Orlando Food Trucks You Don't Want to Miss the Summer

We know a lot of our residents love to cook in our gourmet kitchens, but there will be times when you just want to get something delicious on the go. That’s where Orlando food trucks come in handy, and here are three we think you should check out this summer: The Treehouse Truck is a great place for burgers, cheese steaks, amazing sides, and fried … [Read more...]