Mexican Restaurants in Orlando


I love visiting all of the different restaurants in Orlando, and especially the different world cuisines when I do not feel like cooking. One of my favorite things to do in Orlando is looking for the best Mexican restaurant; I still have not found one I would call the absolute best because I have not been to all of them, but I have found some real … [Read more...]

Stock up on Books at Independent Bookstores in Orlando


On a rainy day, or a day that is just too hot and humid, I enjoy sitting in my apartments in Orlando and reading for hours on end. But where do I go when I need a new book to read? Although the library is free, I really like holding on to all of the books I have read and trying to build my own library. Some of the bigger bookstores are overpriced, and … [Read more...]

Stay in Shape with our 4 Tennis Courts at Savannah at Park Central

Tennis balls

Getting in shape is one challenge, but staying in shape is a whole other beast. For my part, leaving my apartment in Orlando sometimes feels like I have already exercised, but in the end,I will not have worked off any excess fat or weight I carry around. So instead of trying to do the same work out day in and day out, I find that I have to vary my … [Read more...]

Adopt a Pet in Orlando near your Savannah at Park Central apartment

Dog wearing glasses

There is nothing like coming home to an excited dog or cat after a long day of work. The stress relief they offer just by being excited to see you is second to none, and the opportunity for a little extra exercise with a walk or a run is a great way to put a work day behind you. At our pet-friendly Orlando apartments, you will be able to enjoy this luxury … [Read more...]

Sun Safety for the Savannah at Park Central Pool


As one of the apartments in Orlando with swimming pools, Savannah at Park Central would like to take a moment to advise you of some general sun safety guidelines to follow while enjoying the pool this summer. Avoid direct exposure to the sun during the hottest parts of the day. This is most likely between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Use clothing as a first line … [Read more...]