Picnic, Hike and Bike Turkey Lake Park in Orlando, FL

That's one big bug at Turkey Lake Park.

That's one big bug at Turkey Lake Park.If you’re looking for an easy escape from the everyday grind or a way to run some energy out of those youngsters on summer break, get away to Turkey Lake Park. This oasis in the middle of Orlando, FL provides a great way to take advantage of Florida’s beautiful weather and get some exercise. Just take the easy … [Read more...]

Upcoming Concert Engagements in Orlando

concert crowd

Savannah at Park Centralputs residents in close proximity to fantastic entertainment and nightlife. Music lovers are spoiled with many choices in this city, and here are a few of the upcoming concerts to check out this summer:*Bon Iver. Indie favorite Justin Vernon and friends head to Hard Rock Live on Tuesday, June 5. The 2012 Grammy Award-winner for … [Read more...]

Best Coffee Shops Near Savannah at Park Central

Dunkin' Donuts coffee

If you're like me, to get the work day started off right I need a good cup of coffee. Liquid energy. Here are a few coffee shops near our Savannah at Park Central apartments in Orlando: Tutti Frutti 4104 Millenia Blvd #102, Orlando, FL. Known for their delicious frozen yogurt, you can get a coffee and a sweet treat. Starbucks 4200 Conroy Road, Orlando, … [Read more...]

Top Reasons to Live at Savannah at Park Central

Amway Center

There are many benefits of living in Savannah at Park Central apartments in Orlando. The main reason why you should consider living in this region is the community that you meet and the camaraderie you will grow to appreciate here. The residents come from all corners of the country, which makes it the common thing that many people have here. You will find … [Read more...]

Introducing: Orlando Circle of Friends Chorus

Come out to show your support and help a good cause at the Grieva Las Vegas concert.

Lake Concord is near Savannah at Park Central and helps provide the community with fresh, exhilarating views. On June 2nd and June 3rd, the Orlando Circle of Friends Chorus from the Orlando Youth Theatre Center will present their Grieva Las Vegas Concert. You won't want to miss it, so come out and show your support. Since 2009, the unique, homegrown … [Read more...]