Orlando Airport Security to Be More Loose for Some Passengers

airport security

Savannah at Park Central residents, we all know how things go when we reach the airport.  First we go through check-in, followed by lugging our carry-ons around and then on to airport security.  Does it end there? Not really.  But for some, it's about to get much easier and less time-consuming to get through security at the airport. On Tuesday, the … [Read more...]

Walt Disney World Opening Employment Information to Web Users

Donald Duck

As you probably already know, Disney World is the largest employer in Central Florida.  It makes sense, then, that more people are needed to staff it up.  Because of this, Disney World is hosting an online job fair from now until Sunday, April 29th, to give aspiring actors and park enthusiasts the opportunity to score great jobs! The resort is hiring … [Read more...]

Let Apartment Therapy Guide You with Tips on Apartment Living


Any HGTV fans here at Savannah at Park Central? They're building their audience more and more all the time, which shows that even more people are being drawn into the world of home design and decor.  If you are looking for a way to spruce up your apartment here at Savannah at Park Central, you can learn a lot from that channel, but there are also tons of … [Read more...]

Bring a Lovable Pooch Home to Savannah at Park Central


Since Savannah at Park Central is a pet-friendly community, of course we've got to talk about all the adorable little critters waiting to be adopted here in the Orlando area.  If you're a "dog person," it's time to think about adding to your family with a cuddly ball of joy that you can bring home to pet-friendly Savannah at Park Central.  Here are some of … [Read more...]

Orlando Area Activities and Services for a Steal!

Okay, for those of you residents of Savannah at Park Central who never miss a deal and like to spend their free time shopping, why not do your browsing online and save the rest of your time for kicking back and relaxing? Groupon is a great source for fantastic deals in the area and Orlando as a whole, on anything from spa visits to bowling and dining.  Take … [Read more...]