Make Time for Maintenance Requests


It sure is hot outside! You’ve been hearing to compromise on the A/C, but it still doesn’t seem to be keeping you comfortable. Sounds like it’s about time someone checked it out to make sure it’s working at 100% for the summer! While you’re at it, double check the windows in your apartment to make sure they are all shut and sealed correctly to keep … [Read more...]

Plan a Dali Day-Trip to St. Petersburg


If you’ve ever been sitting at home and thought, “Today would be a great day for some thought-stirring art,” then I’ve got the day trip for you! The Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg is worth the drive down I-4 to the Tamba Bay city. Spend an afternoon pondering the meaning behind “The Persistence of Memory” or my personal favorite, “The … [Read more...]

Skin Protection From the Summer Sun

In the Sunshine State, getting that sun-kissed summer glow isn’t hard. You’ll want to take heed to sun safety and make sure you’re getting your tan without getting burned. Even if you’re not lying out intentionally, summer recreation like playing at the Savannah at Park Place pool or on the volleyball court will expose your skin to the sun’s UV … [Read more...]

UN’s Public Service Day Encourages You to Give Back in Orlando

Give back to the community for United Nations Public Service Day on June 23. You might not be able to volunteer your time on that exact day, but you should use this month to dedicate some time back to the community. has a long list of local opportunities that could use your helpful services. Depending on what you are passionate about, you … [Read more...]

Cuisine With a View in Orlando

Fine dining silverware on table.

Fine dining in Orlando is not just about the food. Atmosphere plays a big part in determining how great a restaurant is, especially in the sunny city of Orlando. When you think of the perfect dining experience out you’ll likely looking for good food and great company, but don’t forget a breath-taking view! There Florida restaurants go above and beyond … [Read more...]