Shred and Destroy at Orlando’s E-Pass Event

Close up of colorful shredded paper documents.

There are certain things you get from your parents genetically, and then there are things that are ingrained throughout your lifetime. Aside from my mother's hands, eyes, and uncontrollable urge to add sound effects to almost anything, I recently realize I adopted her careful ideas of dealing with important mail and documents. In a day when identity theft … [Read more...]

20th Annual Florida Film Festival

Florida Film Festival 2011 Cinema screen with red theater chairs.

Put on your best film critic hat because the 20th annual Florida Film Festival 2011 is reeling theaters across Central Florida to bring you the cutting-edge of great cinema from April 8-17. Catch new indie movie highlights, participate in industry forums, and enjoy the nonstop celebration of native Florida films. The Sunshine State has much more to be … [Read more...]

Find a Venue for April Fool’s Day Laughs

Jokes are always funnier when you are not personally at the center of them. While April Fool’s Day pranksters tend to single unsuspecting victims out with a dirty joke, you can almost always count on actual comedians to be more liberal when it comes to poking fun at an audience. Basically, if you sit near the back, you won’t get singled out! Still, if … [Read more...]

Lake Eola Park Has A Blossoming Spring Event Lineup

Spring Fiestaflyer poster

There is a lot going on around Lake Eola Park this season, starting with the Spring Fiesta April 2 and 3. Get out an enjoy the 22nd year of springtime flings, outdoor arts and crafts, music, food, and fun for all ages! Project Dance Orlando will be that Lake Eola Amphitheater on that Saturday with talented, dazzling, and breath-taking performances from … [Read more...]

Show Off Your Pet’s Skills And Good Looks at Pets In the Park

Dog wearing Yoda ears and costume

There's no doubt about it, your furry-faced friend is the cutest, most well-behaved pet in the whole neighborhood. Prove it during Pets in the Park on March 27. There will be three contests and categories to enter for cutest pet, best costume, and best trick. So you should starting working on teaching Precious to sit, shake, and make a cup of coffee! Overall … [Read more...]