ArtFest Brings Free Entertainment to Orlando

art-fest-florida Orlando is full of art culture that you can see for yourself as United Arts of Central Florida presents¬†ArtFest 2011 in February. No need to worry about ticket prices because the events are FREE! Over 200 events taking place around Orlando, FL from dance to musical theater to pottery … [Read more...]

A Stylish Room Of Your Own Savannah Apartment

crate and barrel living room furniture

Everyone deserves a room of their own, although not everyone is going to agree with Virginia¬†Woolf interpretation of this concept. To me, a room of my own would have to be three things: sunny, spacious, and stylish. If you live in Orlando, FL all you have to do is open you window to flood your room with bright sunlight. Whether it be your bedroom, living … [Read more...]

Kick It Up With Martial Arts Classes Around Orlando

capoiera roda

Time for another January observance. This one could save your life! It's National Personal Self-Defense Awareness Month. If you ask me, the title is a little redundant sounding, but overall a great reason to pay close attention to this highlight of the month. I've personally tried capoiera and realized the workout it was giving me on the first day, so if … [Read more...]

Celebrate Hot Tea Month in Orlando

blood orange tea and pot

It's funny how much you notice things like unofficial holidays when you find yourself unofficially celebrating them. January is great time to make those resolutions to be healthy without fooling yourself into thinking you have to give up the good stuff in like. And seeing as today is Rid the World of Fad Diets and Gimmicks Day, make today the first day of … [Read more...]

Living the Savannah at Park Central Life: Healthy January Holidays

yoga class routine

January is here and you know what that means? Keeping up with a strenuous, difficult resolution exercise schedule? Think again! Living the Savannah at Park Central Life in Orlando, FL is all about luxury and maintaining the healthy lifestyle you strive for. Sure, if you are serious about those 2011 promises, you're going to have to put some gusto behind your … [Read more...]