Living the Savannah at Park Central Life: Shopping the Lake Buena Vista Factory Outlets


Our first piece in the "Living the Savannah at Park Central Life" will be about shopping at the Lake Buena Vista Factory Outlets! At Savannah at Park Central we want you to "live the life," as you see fit, a lot of factors can go into that and we'd like to focus on the shopping side of living the life! Shopping at the Lake Buena Vista Factory Outlets is … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving from The Savannah at Park Central


Have a great Thanksgiving from the staff at The Savannah at Park Central! Photo by babasteve … [Read more...]

Living the Savannah at Park Central Life


Savannah at Park Central is nestled right in Orlando. So why not “live it up” and learn the about the community around the area? Savannah at Park Central will begin a series called“Living the Savannah at Park Central Life.” Here we will help you learn the area, the community and how to “Live the Life” here in Orlando. You can expect a piece … [Read more...]

Get Healthy, Stop Smoking


Today is the 35th annual Great American Smokeout. Yes the American Cancer Society has declared that today, November 18 is the day to QUIT smoking. Make a plan to quit smoking today or simply “bite the bullet” and quit smoking today. Today many people everywhere will quit smoking, so why not join them? You won’t be alone and you’re sure to have … [Read more...]

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish?

The Thanksgiving holiday happens to be my favorite holiday and for good reason too. My family doesn't cook American food often and this is the time of the year that we devote all our skills to this particular "feast." I enjoy it completely, we're all in the kitchen of my parents' house chopping, stirring and mixing, it's great! Do you have a Thanksgiving … [Read more...]