The Elephant Bar in Orlando!

Whenever I'm craving excellent foods from around the world, do you want to know where I love to go? The Elephant Bar Restaurant! The Elephant Bar Restaurant is a definite way to have a great time with friends or neighbors! The service is great and the experience is even better! With a variety of food on their menu you're sure to find something you'll … [Read more...]

Which colors will you pick at Painted by Hue?

My favorite past time recently has become painting pottery. It's very relaxing and so entertaining that I'm close to a whole kitchen set soon! At Painted by Hue you have a choice to paint over 500 items!! Painted by Hue provides all the material you’ll need when painting pottery. What more could you ask for? Their paints at Painted by Hue are non-toxic … [Read more...]

Shopping at Publix

When I go grocery shopping, I go to Publix! I can depend on Publix for getting things quickly and for such great service. Publix has become my shop for groceries, I love that it’s so close to Savannah at Park Central. The special thing about Publix is the service and the quality of the items you buy from there. Whether or not you’re buying the Publix … [Read more...]

Getting a Massage…

Getting massages has to be one of my favorite ways to relax. My job is stressful and I have a tendency to obtain knots in my back. But when I get a massage, the knots are all worked out and it's so relaxing. There's nothing like a massage. Massage has been shown to have a range of health benefits, from lowering blood pressure to easing migraines. Research … [Read more...]

Puzzles that are puzzling…


When you ask my friends what I like to do in my sparetime...they'll tell you it's my sudoku puzzles. They'll tell you I enjoy solving a few while I'm waiting in line, waiting at the doctor...if I'm waiting I'm solving a Sudoku puzzle. I just pull out my iPhone and click on my Sudoku application. It's a great mental exercise and everyone tells me it helps to … [Read more...]