Gardening out on your patio!


Outdoor space means a lot to me, I absolutely enjoy my outdoor space in my apartment. Another thing I really enjoy is gardening, my grandparents have given me the love for gardening. As a child I'd help my grandparents out in their large garden (it was more like playing in the garden). Now I'm older and I have the opportunity to learn how to really grow … [Read more...]

Hands in the Sand!


This Saturday, June 26 Hands Across the Sands will be at it again! In hopes to stop dependence on fossil fuels, this organization is once again joining hands across the nation's beaches, parks and cities to stop the dangers of offshore oil drilling. Hands Across the Sands was founded back in October of 2009. Dan Rauschkolb the founder organized a statewide … [Read more...]

Training for the Big Race!


Do you have a race coming up? Are you ready for your race and have you been training? Have you never done a race before? It's okay WebMD has some great tips on training for your next big run! I finished the Muddy Buddy Ride and Run series back in May and it was a great experience. I have never entered into a race and this was my first. It was challenging, … [Read more...]

7 Easy Ways to have Spontaneous Fun!


I like to change up my routine. It doesn't matter what it is, I like to take different routes to work, try new restaurants, different food. You name I'll change it. It's a lot of fun because some of the things I plan are spontaneous. I think that's when you have the best fun! Try these 7 ideas for some spontaneous fun! Invent a Holiday- Now we know it … [Read more...]

And your favorite is…

Savannah at Park Central

Here at Savannah at Park Central one of our goals is that you love every room in your apartment. Yet we know you have a favorite room. My personal favorite is the patio/balcony, feeling the breeze of an afternoon shower is always relaxing. Not to mention that I love reading a good book outside. So which room is your favorite? Is it the kitchen, living … [Read more...]