To Infiniti…And Beyond!


This weekend you can reach your inner science lover and head downtown to the Orlando Marriot for the Oasis 23 science convention! Costumes, book signings, and art will be featured this weekend. If you've never gone to a science convention it's a definite must try! Why not experience the whole atmosphere of Science? OASIS 23 Daily (ends May 30th) $16 … [Read more...]

Arts in Orlando!


Orlando has everything, the theme parks, shopping centers and events! It can all get a bit chaotic and we can forget the simple pleasures that Orlando has to offer. The Orlando Museum of Art currently has three exhibits; the Knuffle Funny: The Art and Whimsy of Mo Willems, the Transcending Vision: American Impressionism 1870-1940, and the Clyde Butcher: Big … [Read more...]

How to Kick-Butt on a First Date

Although I do not consider myself a professional on dating, I have some hot tips ensuring at least your end of the bargain is a success. 1. Don’t do something boring that feels like a job interview. 2. Don’t go for a daring, out-0f-the-norm look. 3. Less is more. 4. Don’t talk about yourself the entire time. 5. Remember to evaluate … [Read more...]

A Different Way to Have Guacamole!

Memorial Day is here (well next weekend) and it's the beginning of Summer! We can finally enjoy sparkling pools, grilling out and hot weather without Winter creeping up on us! What social gathering are you planning; are you staying at Savannah at Park Central and enjoying the holiday or going out with friends? No matter what you're doing, here's a recipe you … [Read more...]

Clean clean clean!


Here at Savannah at Park Central we do our best for you.   We want you to feel at home in your home! There’s nothing like a clean place to enjoy and relax right? We need your help though. Help keep Savannah at Park Central clean with us! It’s not anything too much just a little here and there will get the job done! Thanks for everything guys! … [Read more...]