Have You Decorated For Spring?


With April right around the corner and Spring fast emerging the question arises, "Have you decorated for Spring?"  Winter hasn't been the kindest to us and decorating for Spring is exactly what we need to welcome the warm weather.  From bright colors to making your space cozier, decorating for Spring can be really easy.  Changing up your style in your … [Read more...]

Be a Match and Save a Life

There are thousands of people whose lives and health could benefit from a bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately there are only a fraction of these people who receive one because the matching process is so stringent it’s often hard to find a perfect match. Also there are not many people willing to donate. This is a donation that could actually save … [Read more...]

Happy Not Owning a House

Owning a house in Orlando just became less appealing. I have to admit with the prices of real estate being the lowest they've been in years it's tempting to at least look at what's available but as a single female I've found that apartment living is just my style. Plus with a new bill in the state senate I am glad I'm not a home owner. This bill would allow … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesdays


  Image by Irargerich http://www.flickr.com/photos/lrargerich/3575751167/ … [Read more...]

It’s a Battle of The Sexes: You may never see ballet the same way again.

The Orlando Ballet opens their new show this weekend the Battle of the Sexes. It’s an evening of contemporary ballet filled with unparalleled athleticism and artistry. This bold repertoire, created primarily by Artistic Director Robert Hill, features powerful and provocative choreography. The men and women of Orlando Ballet face off in an evening of … [Read more...]